Sony Alpha 7 II settings

Usage scenario I only use my alpha camera in manua

Fuji X and a higher level of JPG quality

Introduction The «purist» way to apply film simula

ammemipiace il mare

Mi piace il mare ma... nessuno mi crede. Ecco qual

Riomaggiore with Portra 160

Riomaggiore is a pleasant town to visit. Since we

iPhone vs medium format

What happens when you compare the image taken with

Getting ready for a two-day trip

Praise for travelling light with a film camera

Fujifilm X-Trans sensors hate red

Red hot chili peppers and black and white photogra

iPhone 5 vs Olympus XA and Kodak Ektar

  While in Venice (Italy) I shot the same sce

Medium-format as a light travel photography kit

Bronica SQ-A is an ideal camera to travel light!

Parigi a 800 ASA

Shooting film in Paris at high ISO.

C/Y lenses on Canon EOS cameras

The use of obsolete Contax / Yashica lenses on Can

When the camera makes the picture

They say it’s not the camera, but the lens, that m

Camera bag for Bronica SQ?!

Surely I cannot expect manufacturers to create new

Tilt macro lens for Sony NEX cameras

I reckon there are easier solutions, but the most

Tilted lens vs. normal

Durham photographed with a tilted lens.
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