“from the sky a light came, an that was all”

I collected several tracks that I have created not as an organic project, but thinking of individual tracks that, however, later, seemed clearly as the fruit of one single breath.

I am not good at calling genres. If I had to choose one, I would say, hesitantly, ambient, but probably isn’t, because I do want these tracks draw the attention of yours, the listener.

I titled the tracks so that they can be read, all together, as one short poem.

from the sky a light came, an that was all
it was a lightning, it was slow and dark
the blasting bang was loud, so was the silence
the air, motionless, shook and jolted all that was immobile
the water above was much, it tinted the sky darker
the flowers, growing on the ocean, carried the scent of salt
voices were overwhelming and nowhere to be seen
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