La stampa italiana

Ogni tanto consulto la stampa italiana (online, pe ... Read more La stampa italiana

Relax and meditate

Asking a meditation app to help you relax is like ... Read more Relax and meditate

No country for old dogs

I live near Pisa and more often than not I meet do ... Read more No country for old dogs

il pane 🥖 fa bene

Il pane fa bene. Il pane fa male. Entrambe queste ... Read more il pane 🥖 fa bene

The “bread” in Tesco

I noticed today that Tesco does not indicate anymo ... Read more The “bread” in Tesco

CIRA needs graphic help

CIRA's website is in pitiful condition. Graphic De ... Read more CIRA needs graphic help

Gained in translation

I wondered why all the English press translated An ... Read more Gained in translation
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