New melody in C pentatonic minor

I didn’t plan to, but after choosing, almost

ammemipiace il mare

Mi piace il mare ma... nessuno mi crede. Ecco qual

Holiday trip with Velvia: minimal?

For a working photographer, choosing the cameras a

Riomaggiore with Portra 160

Riomaggiore is a pleasant town to visit. Since we

Film photography on Mt Abetone

A few notes on Mt Abetone in Tuscany, perhaps usef

iPhone vs medium format

What happens when you compare the image taken with

Cars parked in the street

They may have travelled for miles, they may have c

A short walk in Newcastle with my Bronica SQ-A

It was August 2012 and all I had was my Bronica SQ

Parked vans that tell the story of a life

These photos of parked land vehicles (camper vans,

Gli alberi di Piazza Napoleone a Lucca

È una delle piazze più belle d’Italia. La be

iPhone 5 vs Olympus XA and Kodak Ektar

  While in Venice (Italy) I shot the same sce

Vicopisano by day (or evening?)

I thought this scene could look better in an eveni
Sunderland, England (the pier is visible on the horizon). Provia 100F

Tree trunks washed onshore

I was watching this photo on flickr of a

Medium-format as a light travel photography kit

Bronica SQ-A is an ideal camera to travel light!

Colico! Stazione di Colico!

Colico (Lecco) è un paesino tranquillo...

Parigi a 800 ASA

Shooting film in Paris at high ISO.
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