Riomaggiore with Portra 160

Looking down in the vertical viewfinder while standing by my camera mounted on a tripod

Riomaggiore is a pleasant town to visit. Since we are all sinners, we don’t deserve a pleasant, relaxing, tranquil walk wandering through the narrow picturesque streets… at least, this is what I must have thought when I decided to photograph it with two cameras, one of which being a not-so-heavy-but-certainly-not-light-either Bronica SQ-A loaded with Porta 160… and mounted on a tripod.
I confess that for such a colourful set of homes and facades, the mild Porta would not be my first choice, but I had (I still have) old stock (albeit kept in the fridge for years) and I wasn’t feeling like buying new expensive Velvia before burning through my old rolls first.
Here they are, a few pics from the Brinica, shot in Riomaggiore in May 2019, developed by Peak Imaging and scanned in my Coolscan 9000 ED.

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