Photos | The windows of Durham

Apart from looking around and eyeing the decrepit

About tea and old lenses

A good old Sonnar is almost as good as a trusty cu

Uphill roads: Crossgate

Uphill roads are very convenient for photographing

Tilted lens vs. normal

Durham photographed with a tilted lens.

The Finchale Priory is…

…a “listed building” but, more i

There must be a reason…

…to endure this shitty weather. Like Woody A

Somebody left the milk out of the window…

…at the castle. Yes, it was very cold today

There is only one kind of pizza

There is only one kind of pizza. I do agree, altho

Quality of life portrayed in a cinema

Durham vs Pisa, two similarly sized university tow

Watching Durham

There aren’t many things to see in Durham, b

The Almshouses café, Durham

The Almshouses café in Durham has one of the best

Vennel’s café, Durham

Another nice place to enjoy a hot drink in Durham

Cold and snow again. But so nice!

Thanks to friends Sara & Mike for the visit. I

A nice place to read

Che spettacolo! What nicer reading opportunity tha
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