Durham vs Pisa, two similarly sized university towns.
Eight o’clock, after dinner: let’s go out to the movies! It’s Sunday tonight, 3rd October 2010, let’s not be too late.
Durham: one cinema, Gala theatre. Alas, no shows in the afternoon, certainly not after dinner. Apparently the Gala’s management must believe people don’t have fun if they can’t get drunk whilst watching the screen, and certainly they can’t get drunk if they must go and work on the Monday to earn the salary to pay the debts. Perhaps, the Gala’s management is right on.
Pisa is luckier. Let’s see.
  1. Multisala Odeon: four movies (Benvenuti al Sud, Grown Ups, la Pecora Nera, The Last Airbender), at around 20:20 and at around 22:30.
  2. Cinema Arsenale, two movies (20 sigarette, Somewhere), one at 22:30, the other at 20:30.
  3. The Lumière has one (Eat Pray Love) at 21:00.
  4. The Arno shows La Solitudine dei Numeri Primi at 20:00 and 22:30.
  5. The Isola Verde cinema has three listings for after dinner: La Passione, Inception, Vampires Suck.
  6. The Lanteri, only one: Somewhere at 20:30 and 22:30.
  7. The Cinema Nuovo has The Horde at 21:30.

And that’s it – because a few cinemas in Pisa are closed, tonight.

Oh! By the way, Somewhere has not even been released anywhere in the whole United Kingdom – it will be in March 2011.
Surely, a few people in Durham may believe that it is fun to run to Newcastle to chase those few screens open to the public. But I don’t like to write posts too long, and I should, if I wanted to have a look at the availability in Viareggio and Livorno.
Let’s stay in and get drunk, then.

2 thoughts on “Quality of life portrayed in a cinema

  1. Gala says something else .. at least for the next Sundays :o)
    but it’s true there is only Gala cinema in Durham… and no pizzerias

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