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If you are an enterprise looking for someone operating around Pisa, who can advise you on the best imagery to present your products and services and can create it too, then perhaps Marco Venturini Autieri can help you, by planning and creating what you need or wish.

Likewise, if you are a private individual looking for a portrait who is more than a snapshot, and can present you at your best so that the best people around you can notice, Marco might be of help.

Marco’s expertise spans a wide range of photographic techniques, including artificial lighting, digital manipulations and film emulsions.

If you want to be photographed, or model, or have something that you would like to be photographed, then please do contact me

Do you want a portrait?

Portrait session fees start at €150 for a two-hours studio commitment, involving simple backgrounds.

Any A4 prints from the sessions are priced at an additional €15 each.

Prices for all-day commitments, environmental portraits and out-of-studio locations will be quoted individually.

No booking fee is requested; the fee must be paid in full before the delivery of the images.

Portraits and stock photography

In some cases the fees can be cancelled in exchange of a full model release granting me the rights for commercial usage (click here to read what I shall ask you to sign). This option is available only if:

  • I reckon that most of the images can have a commercial interest
  • any private environments visibile and recognisable in the images (rooms, studios, gyms…) have the (signed) owner’s consent for commercial use
  • anybody else you may want to be photographed with agree to the signed release


Il mio compenso per i ritratti è di €150, per una sessione standard di due ore in studio con fondali semplici.

Eventuali stampe A4 dei ritratti costeranno ulteriore €15 ciascuna.

Il compenso per sessioni più lunghe, o giornaliere, così come per quelle fuori studio, o per ritratti ambientati anziché su fondali semplici, sarà concordato e comunicato di volta in volta. La tariffa verrà corrisposta prima della consegna delle immagini.

Ritratti e fotografia stock

In alcuni casi il mio compenso può essere azzerato in cambio di una liberatoria da modello che mi assegni il diritto d’uso commerciale (clicca qui per leggere la liberatoria da firmare). Questa opzione è disponibile soltanto se:

  • penso che la maggior parte delle immagini possa avere interesse commerciale
  • se previsti, ambienti visibili e riconoscibili nell’immagine (stanze, palestre…) recano con essi il consenso scritto per uso commerciale da parte del proprietario
  • altre persone insieme alle quali vorreste essere fotografati accettano di firmare la suddetta liberatoria

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