Crime scene with chalk

It looks like it is a recurring motif. I’ve

Helios-44M-4 lens on Sony camera

My first SLR was a soviet Zenit 12XP, that came eq

I fiori di Dogana Nuova (MO)

Non viaggio molto; conosco pochissimi posti; il mo

Sony’s Creative Style

Seldom I shoot jpg. Normally I shoot RAW&nbsp

Sleeping (beauty) bulldog

I confess that photographing a sleeping bulldog is

Playing with the Bulldog

If she asks to play… you have to do it. If she doe

When a Bulldog sits down

Can looking at somebody sitting be enough to cheer


I don’t really recall how I ended up in Usig

English Bulldogs in 100mm focal length!

Perhaps, the Canon 100mm f/2 lens is one of the mo

the simple beauty of Fauglia, near Pisa

All these pictures derive from a couple of short w

Satirical graffiti

For each of these images, I combined a photograph

ammemipiace il mare

Mi piace il mare ma... nessuno mi crede. Ecco qual

Riomaggiore with Portra 160

Riomaggiore is a pleasant town to visit. Since we

Ritratto di Alcamo (Trapani)

A presentation of some fine-art ready pictures tha

Photographing Vernazza, Cinqueterre

An Italian town without Italians If you try and vi

I write love poems on walls

I write love poems on digital walls
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