Sony’s Creative Style

Seldom I shoot jpg. Normally I shoot RAW and I do at least a basic editing.

When I shoot with Fujifilm, I extensively make use of their “film simulations;” I like all of them, either made in-camera or with a RAW developer.

However I was wandering on Mt Abetone with my Sony alpha 7 II and two things occurred:

  • I wanted to capture silly things around, so silly that if I had had to account for some extra editing time at home, I would have passed the opportunity and never photographed
  • I noticed that a cloudy white balance, combined with a Creative Style Vivid, with +1 Contrast and +3 Saturation, gave in the viewfinder results that — with foliage under the woods — were absolutely crazy.

So, unusually, I shot a few frames and I left them unedited, mostly enjoying the resulting wild colour palette.

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