Fotografia, Immagini e Musica

Marco Venturini Autieri is a commercial photographer and image maker, who makes electronic music, too.

Marco Venturini Autieri si rivolge ad aziende che necessitano di immagini per veicolare al meglio i loro prodotti e i loro servizi, o a persone che vogliono vedersi ritratte bene.


If you are an enterprise looking for someone operating around Pisa, who can advise you on the best imagery to present your products and services and can create it too, then perhaps Marco Venturini Autieri can help you, by planning and creating what you need or wish.

Likewise, if you are a private individual looking for a portrait who is more than a snapshot, and can present you at your best so that the best people around you can notice, Marco might be of help.

Marco’s expertise spans a wide range of photographic techniques, including artificial lighting, digital manipulations and film emulsions.

If you want to be photographed, or model, or have something that you would like to be photographed, then please do contact me

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