Film photography on Mt Abetone

A few notes on Mt Abetone in Tuscany, perhaps usef

Abstract multicoloured backgrounds

I shone a torch in a crystal cup, multifaceted, an

Bits of pieces

A photographic story of normal stuff left in weird

Shakespeare and stock photography

I’ve been trying to build up a portfolio of

Getting ready for a two-day trip

Praise for travelling light with a film camera

One day, one camera and one lens in Lucca

A short photo-trip to Lucca, to create stock photo

Ghosts of Christmas’ past cameras

I’ve shot some Christmas pictures in the past year

Photos of walls as backdrops

Wandering through Tuscan villages is beautiful in

Equipment for photographing in a pizzeria

Packing the right gear is for me the last stage of

Headshot portrait in “chiaroscuro” style

Simple light scheme for a chiaroscuro headshot

Cup stuck inside a mug: how (not) to free it

I do not want to advocate it is the best solution

Bicycle as a solution to a photographer’s block

When I was an undergraduate student in Pisa, I cyc

Naples’ busy architecture: i palazzi di Napoli

What is a «palazzo?» In Italian, we normally use t

Napoli and its old town: a short photo-essay

For my two-days trip in Napoli (Naples: I somehow

Cars parked in the street

They may have travelled for miles, they may have c
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