Ghosts of Christmas’ past cameras

I’ve shot some Christmas pictures in the past year

Too many signs in Great Britain

Rules, regulations, do not, please do not, mind th
Sunderland, England (the pier is visible on the horizon). Provia 100F

Tree trunks washed onshore

I was watching this photo on flickr of a

Gli inglesi, la neve e le strade

English winter requires the use of winter tires, b

The Britons at the seaside

A photographic journey of how bizzarre an Italian

The unconventional beauty of British wheelies

Rubbish and recycling bins seem to be part of the

Circus, black and white and colour

Circo: fotografie a colori ed in bianco e nero!

Mini (and other) cars found in the streets

I like to photograph reflections in car windscreen

England is the darkest country in the world

Often the vocabulary is just the heritage of the c

The “bread” in Tesco

I noticed today that Tesco does not indicate anymo

About tea and old lenses

A good old Sonnar is almost as good as a trusty cu

Tombstones in England

I can’t ignore them. The English place their grave

English homes

Since 2003, I’ve been living in England. Not every

Tilted lens vs. normal

Durham photographed with a tilted lens.

No, I didn’t go to the woods…

A picture of the woods around the School Engineeri

The Finchale Priory is…

…a “listed building” but, more i
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