With the addition of a Lensbaby Tilt Transformer for Sony NEX, my Nikkor 20/3.5 UD fits beautifully on my NEX-5. To test-drive it, today I reshot two classic Durham places I had already taken with a “normal” lens. This short gallery shows the comparison.

3 thoughts on “Tilted lens vs. normal

  1. Nooo you got the lensbaby too????

  2. Also, isn’t it quite difficult to take pics with this lens?

    1. Yeah, I have one of the many Lensbabies available.
      Mine is two part: one is a tilt-adapter to use Nikon lenses on Sony NEX cameras, the second part is the actual (optional) lensbaby optics itself.
      It is very difficult to find the plane of focus that increases the depth of focus; it is very easy to defocus, though!

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