About tea and old lenses

One good thing of tea is that, no matter where you are (in England, that is), you may always count on a decently made cup. After all, it is easy enough to brew, and only few peoples (the Italians in Italy, for instance) manage to make it wrong. So, after a short walk around the fields surrounding the Durham Light Infantry museum (DLI), a proper cuppa was easily obtained in their basic tea room.

I was about to sell my trusty Contax/Yashica Carl Zeiss Sonnar 135mm f/2.8. Too long I had only used it on digital (Sony NEX-5) and I became convinced it would render horrible (and almost impossible to correct) green/magenta halos around the bright out-of-focus features. Then, thanks to an adapter to EOS EF, I re-discovered its effectiveness. In the above image captured on Fujichrome 400 and Canon EOS 1n, I did not have any aberrations to correct.

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