Coffee, tea, infusions (caffé, té, tisane) at Flat White’s in Durham

Durham is not blessed with many good places for a coffee. However, provided we do not have ubiquity, just one good coffee bar should be enough. We have two!

Flat White” is a relatively new addition to the scene that would otherwise only include “Capriccio” under the deserved limelight. Although their choice of coffee may not be suitable to those who prefer a very dark roast, Flat White’s hot drinks have no flaws, and the baristi like to add some art too.

Artistic foamy cappuccino

This flat white, that in other parts of the world people would just call buon cappuccino, was properly served (by the staff) and properly photographed (by me) with a Canon EOS 5 loaded with Ilford Delta 3200 and equipped with the incomparable (Nikon does not make anything similar for price and features) 70-200 f/4 IS.

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