Circus, black and white and colour

Circo: fotografie a colori ed in bianco e nero!

About tea and old lenses

A good old Sonnar is almost as good as a trusty cu

C/Y lenses on Canon EOS cameras

The use of obsolete Contax / Yashica lenses on Can

Fuji Pro160C

Differently from the Ektar 100, that produces fant

Ektar colour palette at the food fair in Durham

These photos (taken at the last Durham food fair)

When the camera makes the picture

They say it’s not the camera, but the lens, that m

There must be a reason…

…to endure this shitty weather. Like Woody A

Cosy and Italian in Amsterdam

A cosy and Italian eatery (calling it restaurant w

Back from Amsterdam…

…it is time to enjoy some Coolscanning. I wa

Yes, you can…

…go to Amsterdam by sea only. And enjoying i

TLR perspective

One of the easiest things to do with a Twin Lens R

To grain or not to grain

It often happen today that, instead of choosing di

Durham Cathedral

Some time ago I proposed it would not be difficult

Portrait cameras

People talk of good portrait lenses, but usually f

Chislehurst last year in December

If you live in New Eltham… well, first, you


Grainy images bring the memory backwards – a

What I expect to find at the beach

Ombrelloni? No! Excavators? Yes. Folkestone beach.
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