Fuji Pro160C

Differently from the Ektar 100, that produces fantastic colours without any intervention with Photoshop, I totally dislike the Fujifilm Pro160C – that I have used for this edited photo of the Fire Brigade station in Darlington. Yet, I have seen around on the internet really nice pictures taken with this film. I suspect that it is perhaps the rendition of the Nikon Coolscan that, somehow, is a perfect match for the Ektar but produces greenish tones for the 160C. Surely the lower saturation is expected, but the hues needed much correction, as usual, to obtain the vivid and warm colours that I expected from this scene. So, only after much postprocessing:

Fire Brigade station, England. Scan from Fuji Pro160C
Fire Brigade station, England. Scan from Fuji Pro160C

I got very similar experience, in the past, with another Fujifilm (Pro160S), so I cannot really think of an isolated case.

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