Medium-format as a light travel photography kit

In November I made a short journey to Italy. I preferred the train so I did Durham (England)->London->Paris->Milan->Brivio (Lombardy). I wished to travel light, in photographic matters too. Would you imagine that a medium format camera, equipped with tripod and separate light meter, would fit in one “small shoulder bag”, as National Geographic used to call it? With the exception of  the film rolls, that were wrapped separately in a Domke filmguard because of the X-RAYS at the Eurostar check-in, in this small bag I had all I need for high-quality shanpshots.
What you can see in the photo is: a Bronica SQ-A with Zenzanon PS 80mm f/2.8, vertical viewfinder, strap and 120-film back; a Manfrotto table tripod, a Minolta light spot meter, my Nokia phone, a wonderful Fabriano notebook (great paper, much better than Moleskine), a micro pencil, some film, a short shutter-release cable.
I was surprised myself to fit a medium-format kit in a small bag. It worked and I came home with not a single roll wasted due to light leaks or other camera malfunctions.
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