AI chooses the title for my track

Suggest a title for a Simple and short carefree me

Accordi e acqua ritmata

Ho usato due soli ingredienti per Water drips, wat

Logic Pro: correctly routing MIDI from DigiTone

I thought it was easy and straightforward but I wa

Graduated filters and Compressors

I entertain myself with music creation and photogr

Violent, brutal DFAM!

The MOOG DFAM is at the core of this track, now av

Oh! Lo-Fi beat with organ and choir

In the style of a lo-fi beat, I put together a few

Sounds from other worlds

I made an abstract background of eerie sounds, and

Metallic Clangor background

What can happen to the recording of a metallic kit

Fading, wearing-off, decaying tape loops

Drawing inspiration from the famous tape loops by

Concerto for electrons and positrons

“Concerto for electrons and positrons”

Something with Moog Model 15

I love most of the preset sounds in the software s

New melody in C pentatonic minor

I didn’t plan to, but after choosing, almost

“Chirpitrons”, all with analog synths

It doesn’t happen often that I refrain from

Fauglia’s medley -Tuscan ambient soothing music

I layered a field recording done with a Zoom H2n i

Pulsating techno bleeps

This track was born out of a continuous recording
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