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lighting schemes

Lighting scheme for a radiant look that inspires calm and serenity
For a portrait look that puts the subject in an almost glowing light, I use two large rectangular softboxes. The subject is about 1 m...
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One-light setup for wide portraits
Looking for a one-light setup that casts a beautiful set of shadows on the face, is sufficient to illuminate the torso as well (while keeping...
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The best lighting for pizza
Pizza is food so, traditionally, benefits from (moderate) backlighting. Pizza is also large and flat: a large(r) and flat light source was my choice. The...
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short photographic essays

Keyword dictionary: images in personal perspective, standing, looking down
Keywords: personal perspective; looking down; standing; feet; directly above Photos taken in p.o.v. (point of view) i.e. personal perspective, while looking down, show our feet together with...
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One day, one camera and one lens in Lucca
A short photo-trip to Lucca, to create stock photos, with a sample and the main relevant keywords that I used
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Ghosts of Christmas’ past cameras
I’ve shot some Christmas pictures in the past years, and now that autumn is approaching its end and winter is arriving, I thought of showcasing...
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Photos of walls as backdrops
Wandering through Tuscan villages is beautiful in itself and doubly beautiful for a photographer. The eyes may wander far away and meet villas, mansions, fields,...
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Equipment for photographing in a pizzeria
Packing the right gear is for me the last stage of a process where I try and understand the least I can use to get...
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Bicycle as a solution to a photographer’s block
When I was an undergraduate student in Pisa, I cycled daily for my urban commute from home to the University. I found it pleasant and...
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