An energetic hip-hop track with vocals

A new energetic hip-hop track with vocals, that I

House disco beats, just for fun

Learning the syntax of a genre just to try and cop

Eerie drone

I wouldn’t go that far to call it a song, bu

Bouncy, bright hip-hop beat: KEEP ROLLING

KEEP ROLLING is my new beat hip-hop track now avai

Garden Bliss, another stock music track

Pond5 is distributing my new “Garden Bliss&#

Kids, Again! is my new royalty-free music track

My very first royalty-free music track is called &

Photography is too tiring…

I have never been a “hands on” person.

Flash photography in Blender!

I wanted to simulate in Blender that kind of flash

Crime scene with chalk

It looks like it is a recurring motif. I’ve

Casa è…

Casa è dove ci sono Wi-Fi, macchina espresso, cuoc

Photographer or “Image maker”?

Apple Motion as a 3D renderer for realistic scenes

Mascherine usa e getta e COVID-19

Dopo quante ore d’uso decade in modo rilevan

Helios-44M-4 lens on Sony camera

My first SLR was a soviet Zenit 12XP, that came eq

I fiori di Dogana Nuova (MO)

Non viaggio molto; conosco pochissimi posti; il mo
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