AI and stock photography

As a stock photographer and CGI image creator, I rely on AI chats to enhance my work and boost my productivity. AI chats are not only a source of inspiration for me, but also a valuable tool to optimize my workflow and increase my visibility. Here are some of the ways I use AI chats to improve my craft and business.

  • Generating scenes to create: Sometimes I have a creative block or I need some fresh ideas for my projects. That’s when I turn to AI chats and ask them to generate some scenes for me based on some keywords or themes. The AI chats can produce diverse and original scenes that spark my imagination and help me visualize the final product. I can also ask them to generate variations or alternatives of the same scene, or to mix and match different elements from different scenes.
  • Preparing descriptions and keywords: One of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks for any stock photographer or CGI image creator is to write descriptions and keywords for their submissions to the stock libraries. These are essential to make the images searchable and attractive to potential buyers. AI chats can help me with this task by generating descriptions and keywords based on the image content, style, mood, or purpose. The AI chats can also suggest improvements or corrections to my own descriptions and keywords, or provide feedback on how to make them more effective.
  • Generating starting geometries in Blender with Python scripts: Another way I use AI chats is to generate the starting geometries for my CGI images in Blender with Python scripts. This saves me a lot of time and effort, as I don’t have to create everything from scratch. I can ask the AI chats to generate basic shapes, patterns, textures, or colors based on some parameters or preferences. The AI chats can also modify or transform the geometries according to my instructions, or add some details or effects to make them more realistic or appealing.

AI chats are extremely useful for me as a stock photographer and CGI image creator. They help me overcome creative challenges, streamline my workflow, and reach more customers. I highly recommend using AI chats to anyone who wants to gain some advantage in this competitive field.

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