Sony Alpha 7 II settings

Usage scenario

  • I only use my alpha camera in manual focus with vintage lenses so the absence of focusing mode setting reflects this.
  • I only shoot RAW stills, yet… see notes below.

Comments on my settings

  • When the white balance is assigned to a custom button, I see the “set custom white balance” available. On the other hand I cannot see this if I assign the WB function to the wheel
  • The shoot mode (A, P, M…) would seem redundant because of the large physical wheel however this cannot be used while in movie mode
  • I only use RAW when shooting stills however I chose to have a function to select the image quality because this is also the fastest way to verify that I am actually shooting RAW. Too many times I shot jpg thinking it was RAW
  • Picture Effect, Picture Profile and Creative Style obviously do not affect raw stills but are very useful for movies. The goal for their choice should be: get in camera the look as close as possible to the one you intend to have at the end of the postproduction.

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