Soft chiaroscuro light for portraits

I set the gridded softbox to the maximum power and

Quick and simple soft light for headshots

It’s a matter of personal taste: generally, when l

One-light setup for wide portraits

Looking for a one-light setup that casts a beautif

The best lighting for pizza

Pizza is food so, traditionally, benefits from (mo

Warm, soft light for food, with one light source

I would not call a 90x110cm Elinchrom softbox &#82

Morning light for food

How I re-created in studio some natural-looking mo

Headshot portrait in “chiaroscuro” style

Simple light scheme for a chiaroscuro headshot

Studio light scheme for portraits with fog

Fog (“smoke”) is unreliable because do

How to light a muscular man

How to light a muscular man, in order to emphasise

Asymmetrical three-lights setup for Medium Shots

Most of the times, I like symmetrical lighting wit

Hard light for beauty?

It is often taught that soft light is the prime ch

Ecco un modo per fare ritratti su sfondo bianco

Esistono molti tipi di ritratti e molti tipi di bi

Dramatic light for somebody sitting in a room

Aside some editing, this effect was obtained with

Quick lighting set-up

You have a model in your studio: he wants a quick

How to light a scientist…

How to light a scientist… or at least someon

A white wall, not just a plain white background

My white walls are roughly textured, so I decided
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