Too many signs in Great Britain

Rules, regulations, do not, please do not, mind th

A short walk in Newcastle with my Bronica SQ-A

It was August 2012 and all I had was my Bronica SQ

Parked vans that tell the story of a life

These photos of parked land vehicles (camper vans,

Why are streetlamp so attractive?

Streetlamps present graphical as well luminous int

Tortelli maremmani al guardrail stradale

Casually, two recent photos of mine have a matchin

Simulating window light in studio

Studio trick to light like with a window

Ingresso di casa

Il nuovo stuoino è arrivato (Amazon UK) e di front

Gli alberi di Piazza Napoleone a Lucca

È una delle piazze più belle d’Italia. La be

Inspired by “Munich”

“Munich” is a wonderfully complex pict
Sunderland, England (the pier is visible on the horizon). Provia 100F

Tree trunks washed onshore

I was watching this photo on flickr of a

JAWS – Lo squalo

Alcune foto ispirate dal film "Lo Squalo" di Spiel

Dillo coi graffiti

Family love, graffiti, Pisa (Tuscany)

A Pisa, se non sai cosa leggere…

A Pisa, se non sai cosa leggere, puoi sempre fare

Portoni d’ingresso

Il Lungarno Gambacorti a Pisa è coloratissimo, ma

Rusty metal bits

Rusty (flaky) metal bits offer delight to the phot

Immagini tipicamente toscane

Lasciata la buia Inghilterra alle spalle, eccomi a

Last Durham

[singlepic id=115 w=600 h=600 ] The last photo sho
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