This is my website, where you will find, regularly updated, written either in English or in Italian:

  • my blog, where I shall write about photography, Science and Engineering, and give vent to whatever I wish
  • samples of my photography, often accompanied by short essays
  • excerpts of my photographic portfolio

If you are interested in being photographed by me, on this page you can find some commercial information.

If you are interested in modelling for me to help me expanding my stock photography offer, on this page you can find details on what I am looking for.

Choose this page if you want to read how to buy and license my images or if you wish to read further details of me as a photographer.

Finally, choose this page for a few details of my Engineering background.

Please, do contact me.

All photography displayed on this site is copyrighted (C) 2015 by Marco Venturini-Autieri


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