Fujifilm X’s Autumn

Like many before me, I am ecstatic when I see the colours coming out of my Fujifilm X-series cameras. (Pearhaps) Not a good thing: it makes me photograph mediocre subjects just for the fun and pleasure of seeing the results coming out!

Close-up of an autumnal plant along a metal fence (X-H1)

I am using the plural because I have owned and worked extensively with an X-T1, before purchasing an X-H1 recently. Within a few days across October and November 2019 I took with both a few casual pictures in Cenaia, a small yet beautiful town in the province of Pisa in Tuscany.

Beautiful floral hedge along the fence by a sidewalk (X-H1)

For all these shots I used the XF 35mm f/1.4 lens. I could not fault in any significant way neither the cameras not the lens.

Grass grows between the grey stones of this sidewalk (X-H1)

I was a little disappointed by the bulk size of the X-H1 because the X-T1 had grown me accustomed to a smaller form. The X-H1 is technically superior but perhaps less fascinating.

Closed ornate metal gate, sidewalk, fallen Autumn leaves (X-T1)
Beautiful hedge along a fence by a sidewalk (X-H1)
Rectangular flower bed with tree and fallen autumn leaves. Space too tight to contain the roots (X-H1) (Actually this photo is an outsider because it was shot in the near Pontedera)
Domestic garden (X-T1)
Car parked near vineyards (X-T1)
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