Riomaggiore in Cinqueterre

There isn’t much to see in Riomaggiore, but what is there, is really nice and worth the visit.

Getting there by train is basically compulsory. The only pleasant alternative would be by foot from another of the nearby coastal towns belonging to the Cibqueterre strip of land.

For my first trip there, I carried my Bronica SQ-A with the 80mm Zenzanon and Portra 160, mostly used mounted on my Giotto’s tripod; and the Sony α6500 with that weird contraption that is an old Nikkor 28mm f/2 AI-S mounted with a tilt-shift adapter. All went fine, photographically, however I wish I had been lighter. Unfortunately, if I want to capture footage, I can’t practically do it with film! Down below, three pics shot with the Sony camera.

Riomaggiore is a beautiful small town on the Ligurian coast, part of the Cinqueterre strip of land, famed tourist destination for good reasons. The photo shows the residential area overlooking the marina. It is customarily photographed with a drone or from a much more elevated point of view that this! α6500
The marina area in Riomaggiore, beautiful small town of Cinqueterre strip of land in Liguria, Italy. To clone out the (too) many people, I helped myself by shooting three frames and then cloning from each of them some parts. α6500
Row of potted plants overlooking the sea. α6500
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