No town looks as good in the flesh as in a decently taken photograph: Alcamo in Sicily is not an exception. Alcamo, perhaps, can benefit more than most towns from a good photo because, unfortunately, it has way too many blemishes on its skin, strictly linked to bad behaviours and mismanagement.

During my summer break, I wanted to take some pictures that would make proud its inhabitants, who perhaps can look at the image and think “this is how I should see and remember my own town”.

I wanted to approach the streets with more or less the same intent I approach people I photograph for a portrait: I want them look good, but I also want them look real, and thus I definitely avoid Photoshop trickeries that would do more than just remove those blemishes that the naked eye would not see; instead, I work on a pose and angle that would show the subject’s best side.

I show the result here, and I do hope you can enjoy the streets of Alcamo