Pasta e sardine

I would never recommend any lengthy pasta dish: I am lazy. And this is quick and easy, provided you have access to the right ingredients. It isn’t easy to find good, boneless and skinless sardines but, if you do, you can boil them, broken in small pieces, in the juice of one lemon, until this dries up. Then you mix it with the spaghetti (250 g), e.v.o. oil, and chopped parsley.

Sardine Nataline - Canned sardines

As far as I know, these delicious Nataline cannot be bought in the United Kingdom. Try Italy for that.

Photographing flat objects, albeit angled, preserving perfect focus on all the plane, was easily achieved with a Zenzanon PS 150/4, adapted to Nikon first and then to Sony NEX-5 with the Lensbaby Tilt Composer, together with a short extension tube.

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