A need or a must?

Caffè Nero, like most British food companies, excel in graphic design and suck in food.

Also available on iStock for purchase
Also available on iStock for purchase

I only noticed yesterday how they advertise their “bread” as being so delicious not to “need” those usual flour enhancers, usually found in the common English rubber-bread. However it seems that needs are not the only behavioural motors, and their cold plastic-wrapped sandwiches do have emulsifiers and flour treatment agents.

Not that I can imagine why would anybody wish to eat those, though.

  1. I like rubber-bread. It makes sandwiches last longer. ;)) Chew chew chew chew ad infinitum…..

  2. I like it when (and if) it is a cheaper option than the real thing. I always like to have less if I pay less, but usually doing the other way around upsets me… ;-)

  3. : -))) Mike, that’s a good idea for a sandwiched-flavored gum – would be a hit for those willing to shed down some kilos … as for the bread, the British are fiercely defending it. : -)

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