Satirical graffiti

“I FEEL GOOD” is spray painted onto an old, decrepit, broken, mouldy wall, with an obvious sense of irony and sarcasm. Alcamo.
“NOT SUITABLE FOR VEGANS” is handwritten on a wall by a house plant on a shelf. Sarcasm and humour on vegan diet. Alcamo.
“CLIMATE SPARE CHANGE” is ironically written with a spray on a construction site net. Lucca
“KNOW YOURSELF (BUT A BIT YOURSELF TOO)” is written on a door, near a sign with a fire extinguisher. Some irony is made on the concept of introspection, identity, philosophy and archaic English language. Riomaggiore
“Not in your name”, Castellammare del Golfo
“Emptiness” is written on a wall in an empty car park space. Nihilism? Lucca

For each of these images, I combined a photograph with a text that was either scanned (pen and paper) or digitally inked.

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