“I FEEL GOOD” is spray painted onto an old, decrepit, broken, mouldy wall, with an obvious sense of irony and sarcasm. Alcamo.
“NOT SUITABLE FOR VEGANS” is handwritten on a wall by a house plant on a shelf. Sarcasm and humour on vegan diet. Alcamo.
“CLIMATE SPARE CHANGE” is ironically written with a spray on a construction site net. Lucca
“KNOW YOURSELF (BUT A BIT YOURSELF TOO)” is written on a door, near a sign with a fire extinguisher. Some irony is made on the concept of introspection, identity, philosophy and archaic English language. Riomaggiore
“Not in your name”, Castellammare del Golfo
“Emptiness” is written on a wall in an empty car park space. Nihilism? Lucca

For each of these images, I combined a photograph with a text that was either scanned (pen and paper) or digitally inked.