Keywords for stock photos: clothes line, airing the laundry in the sun

It’s an Italian thing, mostly — you know… it depends on the weather!
It’s a thing of the South, mostly — you know… it relies on the weather!

Keywords: Clothing, Clothesline, Drying, Hanging, Laundry, Clean, Freshness

Additional keywords: Window, Outdoors, Summer, Wind

Hanging the laundry outside, to dry, on a clothes line, is something met with persistence and inventiveness by Italians. I believe the accuracy of weather forecasts (still so so in many ways) was somehow improved over the years just in order to answer one of the most basic questione of life itself: shall I hang the laundry out? Will it rain? Will it look good? No… perhaps not the latter question, so ubiquitous have the clothes left in the sun become that they are mostly accepted (perhaps not by everybody) a little bit everywhere, small villages as well as famous landmark towns.


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