Bits of pieces

Amongst the most satisfying endeavours in photography is the coming back home with a roll (or a card) full of weird objects that were hanging around the streets, just waiting to be noticed, in order to write a photographic story of normal stuff left in weird places.

Unsurprisingly, this kind of photos is best taken with just an iPhone or a compact camera. Looking back at the small selection of bits and/of pieces collected for this post, I do notice the prevalence of images taken with an iPhone and the Olympus XA, that I haven’t been using enough in recent years.

Ghezzano. Two plastic chairs on a wall. Old objects find a new place in the countryside of Tuscany
A long yellow irrigation pipe and a runner on a sports track. Durham, England.
was it Brighton or Hastings’ beach?
Motorbike covered for protection against weathering in Pisa, Italy
Red construction-site netting, checkered abandoned broken umbrella. Geometrical feast with almost mimetical effect. Pisa, Italy
Boot cleaner, found in a sports field in Durham, England
Montemagno, Calci, Pisa, Tuscany, Italy; Summer 2013. A statue and a kids’ skater wait in front of a mansion. A “vendesi” sign suggests that the property is for sale. Scan of Eastman Double-X 5222 cine-film
Probably an aeration vent. Durham, England
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