One day, one camera and one lens in Lucca

One day, one camera and one lens: this was what I did yesterday in Lucca (Tuscany), Italy. I was not very productive because I had to tend to Dafne as well, but I managed to shoot a little for iStock and overall I am satisfied. So this is the best of yesterday, all coming from a Fujifilm X-T1, a Fujinon XF 10-24 f/4, shot in RAW and processed to taste.

Quite a few images revolved around construction sites: net, work in progress, scaffolding, renovation:

Construction site: a building is wholly covered by safety nets
Construction site: a building is wholly covered by safety nets
Large construction site in Lucca, Tuscany
large rooftop where it is being built

Other images were simply cityscapes of this beautiful town in Tuscany, Italy:

two bicycles leaing against a tree overlooking Lucca. Early spring
Lucca (Tuscany) as seen from a canopy covering the passage over one of the several entry points to the city
tiled rooftops, old style, in Lucca, Tuscany. Early spring
wide view of Lucca’s cityscape. Early spring
green grass and bright colours on this facade

Of course, I am always interested in the graphical patterns that car parks bring with them, together with some parked stationary cars especially if intermixed with landmarks:

Car park and historical landmarks in Lucca, Tuscany
parking bays for motorcycles in Italy (Lucca, Tuscany)

Finally, a homage to what most international buyers think, when they think of Italy: a generic-enough pizzeria:

pizzeria in an ancient building in the old town of Lucca, Tuscany
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