Napoli and its old town: a short photo-essay

For my two-days trip in Napoli (Naples: I somehow dislike using the Anglo-Saxon name for this Italian town), the photographic gear choice was quite easy:  I wanted light and unobtrusive. I went for an iPhone 5 and a Fuji X-T1 fitted with a Nikkor 50/1.2 lens. Although normally I like short tele lenses, I felt that for Napoli I reached more often for my 35mm-e equipped iPhone. Actually I have already decided that my next trip will see me together with a serious wide angle lens.

It was December 2015 but the air was still all but freezing cold and walks were easily a good choice for visiting the town.

Personal choices aside, this may well be explained with the fact that I mostly liked touring the old town, such as Spaccanapoli and the Quartieri Spagnoli, that most certainly deserve a second and a third visit, at least, in such as they closely resemble  an open-air theatre where the actors are the whole people of Napoli.

Plenty is said about Naples, good and bad, so that it is very difficult to have a look around the town with virgin eyes. The scenes that develop under your own eyes are, someway, different from  what you expected, because this expectation was intense and — probably — misguided. Most probably, the idea you already had was wrong; most probably, the lens you had mounted on your camera was not your best choice!

All images are Copyright (C) 2016 Marco Venturini Autieri, all rights reserved. For licensing, try this lightbox on iStock.

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