Self-portraits with mirrorless cameras

Today even too many cameras have a rear LCD that can move up, down, right, left, 180, 360 degrees… My old Sony NEX-5 would only go up to about 80 degrees. Self-portraits are hard, especially with adapted lenses that do not autofocus.

I solved the issue with a something made of four elements: a flat rectangular mirror (Boots chemists have one or two purposes…) and three Manfrotto items:

  1. Super Clamp (one)
  2. Heavy-Duty (and heavy!) flexible arm (one)
  3. Spring Clamp (one)

The photo shows how the three Manfrotto items place the mirror at an angle such as the rear Sony LCD is visible from a position in front of the lens.

Sony NEX-5, Bronica Zenzanon PS 80mm f/2.8 adapted

The self-portrait of my jacket is the first product made so!

An alternative would be connecting via HDMI the Sony’s output to a simple TV set.

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