Photography magazines

It happens too often that neophytes wishing to read and learn about photography end up by browsing through books and magazines that are just about cameras and equipment instead.

This is bad. This creates generations of amateurs thinking of buying a new lens rather than approaching a new theme.

I did that too. My first (Italian) magazines were Fotografare and Tutti Fotografi. Great magazines for sure, but just as with pain-killers, they shouldn’t be used regularly.

Now I know plenty of great magazines that are really about the work and the inspirations. Often useful magazines are simply publications with a good editor choosing good material. Other times, the magazines that I like focus on the creative use of photography (or design, more in general).

I had a look on the web and I collected some publications available for free on Issuu. I will be adding regularly new “findings” in this Issuu shelf.

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