It happened that today my trusty, bread-defroster Sharp microwave oven retired from this world.
I knew I needed a new oven, and I knew I love my Nikon FM2n camera.Nikon FM2n

There are not many microwave ovens suitable for users of this very fine camera. Do you see the simplicity? Shutter-speed dial: that’s all you need to take a picture. The remaining bits (aperture and focus) would be on the lens.

I could not but choose a Samsung MW82N-B then:Samsung MW82N-B

One knob to set the power, one know to set the time. Do you need more? I don’t.

Perhaps, a user of a camera like, say, Sony α 900Sony Alpha 900(fantastic simple display, eh?) would have chosen an oven like the…Panasonic NNA574SBBTQPanasonic NN-A574SBBTQ (where the name itself is as simple as the layout).

I don’t know about you, but I do prefer my Nikon (and my Samsung).

4 thoughts on “Of cameras and microwave ovens

  1. I’m afraid I’d be the guy that goes for the complex one,
    Is that too hard to follow… for me sometimes it is…. perhaps that is why I like landscapes, all the time in the world

    1. Oh, the top LCDs are harmless… the back screen menus are much more insidious!

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