Working from home for COVID-19…

Working from home for COVID-19 did not change a lot things for me. As a stock photographer I always been extremely free to choose the what, where and when of my photographs, and albeit many shots are normally taken outdoors, plenty are taken in studio. Furthermore, to work on my digital graffiti series, I can easily add in studio the text and the artworks to the shots I have accumulated in the past.

overworked businessman seeks a solution in drugs to keep him going

So, work-wise, nothing really changes for me.

Shopping for food online is another of those things that I have done for several years. Obviously, now I do this much more (exclusively as of March 20th 2020), learning better what can be stockpiled and what not, and how to replace fresh food with canned or freeze dried food, etcetera.

I cannot thank Amazon enough for existing.

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