(An almost) Press Release

Marco Venturini Autieri, commercial photographer in Ghezzano (PI), is announcing a Master Course in Photography of Aliens and Extraterrestrial Life.

Marco’s multidisciplinary inclusive experience and his vivid interest for those forms of life that are sometimes — wrongly — considered less attractive and more photographically challenging, put him in a unique vantage position.

Marco’s background in Aerospace Engineering (he holds a M.Sc. from University of Pisa, Italy, and a Ph.D. from University of Southampton, England) as well as his current involvement in stock photography and videography will enable him to form and manage a small yet motivated class of students willing to further their knowledge of topics as diverse as:


  • Alien skin tones: practical tips and tricks in post-processing and colour management
  • Posing a three- and four-arm anthropomorphic alien
  • Aliens’ sense of humour to facilitate dialogue and relax them in front of your camera


  • Managing two or more suns in the sky (complex shadows and backlit scenarios)
  • Colour balancing during multi-solar flares
  • Use of traditional polarising filters to enhance the pink hues of alien skies of the second and third kind
  • Model-releasing aliens of galaxies of the second and third kind
  • Street photography rules, regulations and by-laws of second-kind galaxies

A fully detailed program shall be released in the next two weeks, together with an app for your Apple Watch.

Prices will not be out-of-this-world!

Astro-photography of a galaxy.
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