Naples’ busy architecture: i palazzi di Napoli

What is a «palazzo?» In Italian, we normally use the word «palazzo»  to mean large, popular, apartment blocks. This kind of architecture does not exists in the Anglo-Saxon world and the literal translation «palace» would most often sound out of place. Yet, «palazzi» are large, often majestic, magnificent, often ancient, buildings, reserved for residential use, where several familias live in multiple apartments.

Neapolitan palazzi are marvellous in their mix of important presence and decayed look, and in how they manage to crowd even the largest streets in a way that narrowly escape the risk of claustrophobia.

In photographing Neapolitan residential architecture, I wanted to portray their graphical complexity, especially standing out when using a tele lens. As I noted in the photoessay on Neapolitan od town, I used 35mm-e and 75mm-e lenses for these pictures.

All images are Copyright (C) 2016 Marco Venturini Autieri, all rights reserved. For licensing, try this lightbox on iStock.

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