Window light and one reflector

Moving from England to Italy means that I can use window light to do indoor photography.

Just as a matter of example, the following photos, all taken indoor with only natural light coming from one window at camera-right, differ only for the reflector on camera-left. They are unedited.

Silver reflector, 0.5''
Silver reflector, 0.5”
No reflector, 0.6''
No reflector, 0.6”
White reflector, 0.5''
White reflector, 0.5”
Gold reflector, 0.4''
Gold reflector, 0.4”
World famous Neapolitan music and tradition - Musica e tradizion
Sony NEX-5, Zenzanon PS 110/4 macro

This is the final edit, originated from the shot with the silver reflector:

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