Settembre, andiamo. E’ tempo di migrare.
Ora in terra d’Abruzzi i miei pastori
lascian gli stazzi e vanno verso il mare:
scendono all’Adriatico selvaggio
che verde è come i pascoli dei monti.

da I pastori, di Gabriele D’Annunzio

This picture of mine is also available for purchase on iStock
This picture of mine is also available for purchase on iStock

It is not September, nor the Adriatic sea, but towards the sea I am going.

So it seems that, as either a student or a professional, I am about to enter my fourth University. The fantastic University of Durham, a.k.a. Durham University, is coming to me right after the filthy London South Bank University, the great and green University of Southampton, and the Italian but excellent Università di Pisa.

Photographically speaking, it can only be a good thing. A quick survey shows that the pictures of Durham found on the web are not exciting, and improving on them will not be difficult.

3 thoughts on “Tempo di migrare

  1. do you intend to use the compass, or tomtom ? :)

  2. I like the filthy LSB, and the italian BUT excellent Italian university :DDDD

  3. Leggo che hai scritto “Italian but excellent”: ci sono un sacco di belle cose in Italia, .. *ma* la moda di parlarne male e gratuitamente è spesso in uso.

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