Una capra ed un cetriolo

Sometimes, shooting in RAW pays back, especially if we are playing with our new digital toy, and have a long learning way ahead.

This picture is over two years old. When I shot it, I used one of the crappiest Nikon lenses (the 35-135 AF zoom, now sold) and I was not into subtle retouching at all.

I am publishing it now, because I feel I finally managed to correct its lack of sharpness (that you cannot see, anyhow, in this small file size) and micro-contrast. Also, because I feel it represents at the best my feelings for London.

Una capra ed un cetriolo

Also available on iStock.

  1. The symbolism of the goat. The Gherkin looks almost paternal, but the brick wall is unforgiving. The sheep is the suburb ? (the white beast with a phallic tail :o )

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