I have translated from Italian to English the subtitles for the third episode of the first season of new Camilleri’s TV series.

This is the file.


8 thoughts on “Il giovane Montalbano – Ritorno alle origini

  1. thank you so much for translating the subs- its a brilliant series!

    do you think you’ll be doing the later episodes as well?

  2. Thank you for letting me know.
    At the moment I don’t plan another translation ’cause it quite time consuming! But, who knows…

    1. well, i don’t blame you! it must be a very arduous undertaking, with no real reward

      thanks again for the one you did!

  3. thank you very much Marco. We do appreciate the work you have done. After all, how could we enjoy this since we don’t parlare Italiano!

    1. I have found some English subs that are clearly Google-translated and… well, they work most of the times but not always!
      Hopefully my hand-made subs ;-) work a little better. Thanks for the message!

  4. Thank you very much for this subtitle. It would be so great if you could subtitle episode 2, 4, 5 and 6 as well ;) I’m heavily involved with subbing at Addic7ed so I know the amount of work you’ve put into it! Thanks! At least we got to watch episode 1 and 3 with subtitles.

    1. Not my own, however I do have these subtitle files – found somewhere on the net.

    2. I have placed them on my server available for download:




      They are not mine, however I have occasionally corrected one or two lines.

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