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I am the cheapest model I can think of.

In the whole Northern hemisphere, Great Britain has the worst summer. Its summer is so bad that the name itself loses that meaning that other people in the rest of the world assign to it. Naturally, the way of living the sea and the beach is profoundly different from what is normally expected.

These pictures show the unnatural and different way the English and the Welsh live their sea and beaches, characterised by warm and colourful clothing and the use of shelters (tents).

The images can be purchased from iStockphoto here:

Living in Durham, it is impossible not to spend some time in Newcastle.

A Novembre 2012 ho fatto una breve visita ad alcuni luoghi della Lombardia: non più di poche ore, durante le quali ho scattato alcune foto con la mia Bronica SQ-A equipaggiata dello Zenzanon 80/2.8 PS.

Pezzetti di città, più o meno colorati.

Artefacts at the sea:

These pictures show that the beauty of the sea is unscathed by the presence of human, unexpected, artefacts.

Obviously Shakespeare was not a stock photographer. Certainly he wasn't a photographer; as for the stock part, it can be argued that he did not always write having a client in mind, so from this point of view, he was a sort of stock-writer.
Almost irreverently, I tried to adapt his texts to modern and popular stock concepts, by highlighting matching near (yet not adjacent) words.
The result is this series, that can be purchased (royalty free) on iStock:

Colour: Kodak Portra 400 VC
Black and white: Fuji Neopan 400
Bronica SQ-A and Zenzanon PS 80/2.8
These pictures can be purchased on iStock

May Holiday, 2011

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