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Bicycle as a solution to a photographer’s block

When I was an undergraduate student in Pisa, I cycled daily for my urban commute from home to the University. I found it pleasant and relatively safe. I used my mountain bike frequently and with enjoyment, but always in urban

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iPhone 5 vs Olympus XA and Kodak Ektar

  While in Venice (Italy) I shot the same scene with my iPhone 5 (HDR and filters) and Olympus XA loaded with Ektar. I propose here the comparison, while noting that I have adjusted in Photoshop the Ektar file only.

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My first photos with an iPhone 5: Monterosso (Cinque Terre)

What a disaster can a splash of sea water be for a camera! And so it was, that I headed for Monterosso only equipped with my Nikon FM2n, only to realise, and only there, that a recent splash of sea

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