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Warm, soft light for food, with one light source

I would not call a 90x110cm Elinchrom softbox “portable”, however I set for myself the limit of one light source or when I want to shoot food outside of my studio, and albeit I tried and get the results that

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Attaching a smartphone to a bicycle

This is how I attached my iPhone to the handlebar of my bike, using equipment normally found in photographic studios (not specifically designed for bicycles). The… contraption is made of three elements: one Manfrotto Superclamp one Manfrotto spigot one smartphone

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Manfrotto equipment for flying cameras!

I had to use quite a few Manfrotto bits (detailed below) in order to take this shot from directly above. However, I still had to block the rotation of the horizontal bar in an unorthodox way. Of course the use of a

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Self-portraits with mirrorless cameras

How to take self-portraits with a Sony NEX-5!

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