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Hard light for beauty?

It is often taught that soft light is the prime choice for beauty shots and to conceal skin flaws. Actually, the very opposite may be true, especially if combined with (again, counterintuitively) high-contrast post-processing.

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Shooting wide open: fad vs technical necessity

Sometimes, I believe it is just a fad: wide-open lens to shoot creamy blurred background. I like it but I am not too much into it. As it has been said, often a blurred background compensates for the lack of

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Fujifilm X-Trans sensors hate red

Red hot chili peppers and black and white photography with a red filter for high contrast of scenes with blue sky have one thing in common: are not well rendered by Fujifilm current cameras employing an X-Trans sensor.

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Fuji Neopan 400 CN was designed to solve technical issues

I find it interesting that while this film was born out of a specific technical problem, nowadays it still satisfies a very specific technicality albeit a very different one. At the time, B&W chemicals were not as readily available as the

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Fuji Pro160C

Differently from the Ektar 100, that produces fantastic colours without any intervention with Photoshop, I totally dislike the Fujifilm Pro160C – that I have used for this edited photo of the Fire Brigade station in Darlington. Yet, I have seen

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